1. Esterházy Palace
  2. Dyer in blue museum
  3. Calvinist Collection of Pápa
  4. Spa Pápa / Várkertfürdő

Ars Sacra Festival – Open Churches Day

19th September, 2015 Pápa
The aim of Ars Sacra Festival:

‘With the help of arts we show the values rooted in Christian culture via high artistic quality programmes for fee.  We show the sacrality in profane environment, the tradition in new gown, the works of contemporary arts in old locations.  We help all those people who are capable for nice and good to get closer to the truth, to the real values, while rising soul.  Our inspiring programmes held at the same time in Hungary and across the border help the spiritual unity, reconciliation and turning to God of the nation.  Ars Sacra Fund organises the Open Churches Day in collaboration with European Heritage Days and shows our built heritage, re-discovers the location while introducing the signs of our common culture via the programme series.  Our further aim is to show the Christian roots of the European culture collaborating with more and more European countries.’

Calvinist Collection of Pápa is preparing for that day with rich all-day free programme series.  Among others Church Walk Tour, tower visit, exhibition, craft work sessions, aristocratic embroidery, pray, Calvinist church concert of Elek János Mészáros, etc. are all waiting for those wishing for intellectual and spiritual charges.  The detailed programme is going to be available on our webpage during summer.
We invite and wait everyone being interested!