1. Esterházy Palace
  2. Dyer in blue museum
  3. Calvinist Collection of Pápa
  4. Spa Pápa / Várkertfürdő


Library material has been existing since the 16th century.  It used to be improved with donations: valuable prints were got into the collection by theologians arriving home from study tours abroad.  The planned library development started at the end of the 18th century, and as a result of that the historical part of the library can count about 140 thousand volumes.  We invite scientific researchers and the students of Academy of Theology in our reconstructed research room.  At the same time we try to meet the requirements of the readers of our day with thorough development of the material and establishing technical facilities.  More than 25 thousand volumes are available on the free shelves in our modern reading room seating 40 persons.  We wait the secondary and university students with open library services in our institution.
Rare treasures of our collection:
The most valuable one is the small codex from the 15th century, which is written in German with Swiss dialect, and it contains prayers and church calendar in gothic letters.  It got into our library’s possession as a donation of Jr. Dénes Pázmány.
An outstanding piece is the book printed by Dávid Huszár in 1577, the first Hungarian translation of the Heiliderberg Catechism.
An outstanding piece of our stock is the work of Péter Bornemissza: Devilish Temptations, which was published in 1578.  This volume is special because it is the only book remained in its original form.
We also cherish the book of Training Group (Hungarian: Képzőtársaság) being formed in 1841, Merit Book (Hungarian: Érdemkönyv), which contains the handwriting of Sándor Petőfi and Mór Jókai, the two legendary writers of the Hungarian literature.  
Our handwriting collection contains several valuable and unique works as well, for example the law book of the college of 1585 can be found there.