1. Esterházy Palace
  2. Dyer in blue museum
  3. Calvinist Collection of Pápa
  4. Spa Pápa / Várkertfürdő



You are welcome at the Calvinist Collection of Pápa!

Scientific Collection of the Calvinist Church District of Transdanubia, or as it is better known Calvinist Collections of Pápa economically and legally being an independent institution performs activities within the framework of the Calvinist College of Pápa, one of the oldest educational institutions operating since 1531.  The central collection of the Calvinist Church District of Transdanubia joins three areas of the institution: Museum – Library – Archives. It is located in the downtown, in 15th March Square, next to the Calvinist Church, on the ground floor of the building of the Calvinist Grammar and Art Secondary School.

More information on the webpage of the collections