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  3. Calvinist Collection of Pápa
  4. Spa Pápa / Várkertfürdő

Museum education


‘Calvinist Treasury of Transdanubia’ are waiting people of all ages.
Besides guided tours there are museum educational services linked to our exhibitions:

Exhibition entrance fee (basic fee): 300Ft/person

Egyptian mummy:

a short film on the CT examination of the mummy, introduction of examination results, getting to know the basic materials of mummification (soda, myrrh, incense)

  altogether 50 minutes  + 200 Ft
making antiquated Egyptian amulet altogether  90 minutes   + 450 Ft
making Egyptian copper jewellery altogether  90 minutes  + 450 Ft
painting stele onto a wooden base altogether 120 minutes  + 450 Ft


Petőfi and Jókai in Pápa:

a film about the memories in relation with Sándor Petőfi and Mór Jókai,

writing Petőfi poem with a quill altogether  60 minutes + 250 Ft

Religious art exhibition:

painting Calvinist motives altogether  60 minutes + 250 Ft
making a necklace of Calvinist symbols 60 minutes  + 450 Ft


If you have individual request please ask our museum teacher:
Halászné Kapcsándi Szilvia hszilvi@papacollege.hu
More information: 89/324-240, www.papacollege.hu

You are very welcome in our Calvinist Collection of Pápa!